"Pitch & Prosper is unlike any other pitching course or challenge available for freelancers. Since following Lizzie's steps, I've landed three high-paying jobs from pitching -- and even grabbed one client from the warming-up process (without sending a single pitch!)

Elise Dopson, Freelance B2B Writer

Struggling to find and land high-paying clients... or any at all?

You’ve been picking up a few low paying gigs from sites like UpWork, applying to job ads like never before, and yet you still can’t seem to land those projects that you see other freelancers working on.

You know, the ones that are earning $500+ a piece or have a roster of big-name clients that you dream of working with.

What’s the secret?! What are these freelancers doing differently to get amazing gigs that give them a full-time income (and then some!)??

The answer? 😶

They’re putting themselves out there and aren’t waiting around for clients to come to them (because, let’s face it, that ain’t gonna happen).

They are pitching themselves to amazing clients AND getting the gigs.

But here's the thing...

Writing a couple of paragraphs about what you do and hitting send isn’t enough.

Sending out 10 copy-pasted pitches each week isn’t enough.

There’s a strategy to getting pitching right.

It’s a strategy that’s completely changed my freelance business (and the businesses of 100+ students who are already in the program).

Why choose Pitch & Prosper?

It's the only course that...

Is focused on helping you find your niche

Use my tried-and-tested formula to find a niche that you love AND that pays well.

Deconstructs the perfect pitch, paragraph by paragraph

Cut the fluff. In-depth training will show you exactly what paragraphs need to be in a pitch and what to include in those paragraphs.

Makes sure your pitch gets the replies it deserves

Use the handy workbook and prompts to dive deep into your experience (even if you THINK you don't have any) and create a pitch you're proud of

Lets you watch over my shoulder as I go through my successful pitching process

I take you behind the scenes in an in-depth training that shows you exactly what steps I take when pitching big-name brands

Increases your chances of success with a water-tight follow-up strategy

Know when to follow up and use the simple drag-and-drop templates to give prospects a little nudge in the right direction

Helps you organise and plan your pitching strategy for recurring success

Use a dynamic calendar to plot your pitching strategy and access my simple guide that shows you what activities you should be doing and when

Stop endlessly scrolling on Google and get personalised pitch reviews!

"I'm looking forward to sending you my pitch for review, another thing I'm grateful to take advantage of!"

Let's face it: You're competing with people who have smart, sexy pitches. It's time to ramp things up.

Pitch & Prosper is the only course that focuses specifically on the pitch. Every student gets personalised reviews of their next 3 pitches.

"I'm feeling a big boost of confidence from Pitch & Prosper. Your course made this process so much easier, I'm thrilled I decided to buy it. Thanks for delivering such incredible value--honestly, you could charge a lot more!"

Sonja Larson, Freelance Academic Writer

Ready to take charge of your freelance business and choose the clients YOU want to work with?

Pitch & Prosper will give you the skills you need to get higher paying clients and improve the quality of your pitches.

Can you afford to waste any more hours on copy-paste pitches that aren't getting you the job?

Dive in with an overview of the course 👇
  Welcome to Pitch & Prosper
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  Profitable Niche Planning
Available in days
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  Perfect Your Pitch
Available in days
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  The Pitching Process
Available in days
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  Pitch Templates
Available in days
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  Follow Up For Success
Available in days
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  Pitching Strategy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Real-World Pitching Project
Available in days
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  7-Day Pitch Fest
Available in days
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  Extra Pitching Resources
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  Final thoughts!
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"I love this course, so many great things to consider and keep in mind when pitching. I also love how you're helping us identify the right pain points and challenges for brands in our chosen niches."

Freelance Writer and Pitch & Prosper student

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